Queer & Alternative Public Forum - HIV/Aids and PrEP (Q&A)

Cost: Free Entry - Donation

Join us at Stonewall Hotel on Saturday at 4pm. My Rainbow Network promotes tolerance and equality for all people. HIV/Aids does not discriminate, but unfortunately people living with HIV are still discriminated against in everyday life, not only from within their own community, but society as well. Let's put an end to ignorance, confusion, and fear. Come join the discussion.
This forum will host the telling of personal stories told by individuals and serodiscordant couples who will bravely give their time to talk openly about their lives; how they have dealt with finding out their HIV/Aids status, the prejudice, the stigma and the stereotyping that comes with it. 

My Rainbow Network aims to not only assist with Ending HIV but eradicating social stigmas, fears and bias from society. In this session, we hope to educate people about serodiscordant couples, PrEP, bug catchers, HIV, HIV2, AIDS, where it came from, the chances of exposure and the outcomes and processes that occur when exposed. Furthermore, we also feel that it is important to inform the community about statuses such as detectable & non-detectable, and treatments available to not only homosexuals but heterosexual people as well. This forum is not just about educating people and building rapport, it's about coming together to make a change towards a better and brighter future, one that is not overshadowed by stigma, fear and confusion. 

After meeting the many different members across our community, we were surprised in some instances people were given the wrong information altogether. We want to equip the community with the latest data, information, and resources about HIV1, HIV2 , PrEP statistics and treatments etc.. Sharing stories focused on such taboo subjects means we can empower people with support and knowledge, to overcome situations, and unanswered questions, creating more factual and constructive dialogues. 

Furthermore, with your help, we can change these outcomes to ensure a more inclusive and safe community, leaving a legacy somewhere over the rainbow, we can empower learning and sharing of stories and experiences, and these are where we can find common ground and trusting that the good will of humanity prevails. 

Whether you sit in the audience, ask questions or register to tell your story. MRN strongly believe public forums are an instrument for articulating a clearer understanding of the facts and emerging issues that can potentially come, that could impact human rights and other issues in the community. Your presence and support will help us develop more factual resources and social campaigns that will benefit the community for generations to come.

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